Pepper Tree Retreat (pictured right) is the former guest house of noted philosopher J. Krishnamurti, who lived at nearby Pine Cottage (now the Krishnamurti Library) from 1922 to 1986. During his 64 years in Ojai, Krishnamurti welcomed thousands of visitors from around the world who were challenged by his penetrating inquiries into the fundamental questions of life. These included such 20th Century luminaries as Annie Besant, Aldous Huxley, John Barrymore, Greta Garbo, David Bohm, Dr. Jonas Salk, D.H. Lawrence, Jackson Pollack, Igor Stravinsky, The Beatles, and many others.

Today, the Krishnamurti Foundation of America (KFA) continues to operate the guest house as a retreat, for anyone wanting to get away, enjoy the beauty of the Ojai Valley, and reflect on life. The guest rooms are named after the Retreat's historic visitors, some of whom stayed in the rooms that are named for them.

The original two buildings on the property, Pine Cottage and the guest house, have been designated historic structures by the Ventura County Historic Preservation Commission. These two buildings were constructed in 1895 and 1910 respectively, but gained historic significance as the home and teaching center for Krishnamurti. Read more about Krishnamurti here.

Pine Cottage is tucked in a hillside above Pepper Tree Retreat. It houses a library, study room, meditation rooms, kitchen and dining area.
The Pepper Tree Retreat facilities have recently been renovated and reconfigured. In addition to the Retreat’s newly refurbished guest rooms and landscaping, Pine Cottage is now open as a library and visitors center, featuring a quiet room, meeting hall, kitchen, and bookstore.

As part of its transformation, the former guest house was re-named “Pepper Tree Retreat” after the trees that are found surrounding the retreat. This was also the type of tree where Krishnamurti had his awakening.

Pepper Tree Retreat is part of the Krishnamurti Education Center, located in Pine Cottage, which also consists of a Visitors Center and Library, the Krishnamurti Archives, and a small conference facility. The Krishnamurti Education Center hosts Dialogue Weekends, College and Adult Dialogue Programs, Introduction to Krishnamurti programs, a Summer Teaching Academy, speaker panels, and other events throughout the year.

Pepper Tree Retreat and the Krishamurti Education Center are overseen by the Krishnamurti Foundation of America, a 501(c)3 charitable organization.

Pepper Tree Retreat is located on 11 acres of orange orchards, gardens, and open space nestled in the foothills of Ojai's magical east end. There are several outdoor patios and terraces, with a large veranda overlooking the front lawn and rose garden. Nearby are trails into the surrounding mountains and country roads ideal for early morning or late-afternoon walks.

Anat Dagan, Innkeeper
Michael Krohnen, Librarian

Two guest rooms have their own fully-equipped kitchens. Please see our guest room page for details.
A complimentary breakfast is offered in the main dining room from 8:30-10:00 am each day.

Pepper Tree Retreat is well-suited for retreats by individuals, friends, couples, and small groups. We welcome both overnight and extended stay guests. Special discounts are available for stays of a week or longer.
The facility can also be booked by groups holding their own meetings and events.

Naturally peaceful scenes from the Pepper Tree Retreat.
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